Tuesday, 31 January 2012

"mummy ! we have snow!!!!!!!"

Well the excitement in Madison's voice this morning when she saw in her own words the "funny kind of snow again" settling on the cars i could not not write about our slightly snowy days. 

The last couple of days have been great for getting her out of the house in the mornings to get to school as this has given her the opportunity to venture out all be it the very minute snow fall in her mind it was still "SNOW!!!!!". 
Well on the way home with a very excited Madison and friend they decided that a snow ball fight was in order so every single garden wall they went past was swiped clean of any snow then proceeded to make small balls and thrown manly in my direction which secretly I don't mind I love the snow just as much. (I'm such a big kid at heart).

Once home I took note that my car had quite an amount of snow on top of it and on the front windows so once my two were settled indoors and I had heard about her very busy day at school I popped out to retrieve the glistening treasure which i put on to a plastic large serving plate and plonked in front of my two. Well Madison was straight in there with her imagination creating little sculpture's, well Jasper needed a little encouragement from his big sister but was soon enjoying it as much as his sister. 

here are a few pictures of there snow play.  

big sister showing Jasper how it's done.

Madison's snowy lady " Lucy"

Have a great week

Crazy Daisy Mummy



Saturday, 28 January 2012

1..2..3..4..5...... and breath!!!

As I Grow

~Author Unknown~

Please understand I am growing up and changing very fast.
It must be difficult to keep pace with me, but please try.

Please reward me for telling the truth.
Then I am not frightened into


Please tell me when you make mistakes and what you learned from them.
Then I can accept that I am okay, even when I blunder.

Please pay attention to me and spend time with me.
Then I can believe that I am important and worthwhile.

Please help me explore my unique interests, talents and potential.
In order for me to be happy, I need to be me.

Please do the things you want me to do.
Then I have a good, positive model.

Please tell me by your words and actions that you love me.
Then I will feel loveable and will be able to love myself and others.

Well this poem was definitely the right note to start this weeks post......  I'm certain that my little princess pickle is not the only 4 and half year old expressing herself at the moment with unwanted, disruptive behaviour and the attitude is dreadful, well again I was given the "can I have a word finger call" by Madison's teacher and as a schooling parent you may know this is the one thing we dread..... So again I found myself in the quaint little classroom with all the letters and brightly coloured artwork. Then the teacher began "she has been a little bit of a pickle today, not listening, not caring if she has been told off even by the HEAD TEACHER!!!. Well as you can imagine I was absolutely horrified, however I know as her mummy that when she is being told off either very firmly or shouted at she will shut down and ignore you her little protective barrier so to speak.

The only way to get through to her is to talk calmly and explain why you are cross with her. After a very quite walk home and a talking too she understood that she needs to behave but also interesting enough she is not the only one. She is still so young she has not learnt that her actions are going to get her in to lots of trouble. I had also noticed that on the days she was being disruptive she was a school dinner and the last few weeks had been coming home saying "I didn't like it today so I did not eat it" and well  these days have proven to be the problem days so like me if she is hungry she becomes a little more grumpy and impatient. First thing was to change her back to packed lunches so at least I can see what she eating and how much, and with the teachers help we have decided that choosing a reward bubble chart that she has an interest in so Tinkerbell it is now, and they are now going to reward her frequently with lots of praise and stickers.

Well after an early night and a chat in the morning she went in to school a girlie on a mission and that afternoon was parents in class, well i was not expecting this ..........

 I have never been more proud of her and this past week she has been fantastic, she has brought sparkle home and gained the safari of achievement award which got her a mention in this weeks newsletter and yes another head teachers award. Well all of my mummy proudness must be over flowing by now I'm so proud of her.

Well Done Madison

And we would also like to say a huge thank you for all they're  help, listening ears, advice and the offer of a scream to the mummy's and Daddy's in our little  school family. It really does mean alot to us to know we have such support with the hardest job in the world "parenting"  x x x

This week has been a short week at school for Madison as Friday they had a teachers training day which was music to my ears, this means no regimented routine to get washed, dressed, fed and to school before 8:35am bliss. And of all days the weather was lovely and sunny so packing a picnic me and my two special little people set off to one of our favourite retreats "Riverside Country Park". Madison was so excited and Jasper now being that little bit older he is more aware that something is going on and is keen to be near his favourite person in the world his loving big sister who took him on the slide for the first time. Here are some of our highlights of our extra day together.....

   How to keep two under 5's in one place swings
  work a treat.


And a surprise visit from Daddy who joined us for our picnic .

All finished off with huge puddle jumping.

Perfect Day had by all.

Hope you all have a fantastic family weekend

Crazy Daisy Mum

X x X 

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Happy New Year.....

Hope you all had a great new year always a highlight in our household to see in the new year together and a time to reflect on a great year past and looking forward to another great year to come. 

Well saying this...... this week did not start as well as it should have really we had an unexpected trip to our local  A & E with Jasper as Madison said he wanted to be more sparkly so after covering him with body glitter and him rubbing it in to his eyes which did irritate them,  all in the time it took me to brush my hair and Joe to brush his teeth!!.  However  a reassuring check over by the nurse and doctor he is fine and by the afternoon all the glitter had made it's way out. Needless to say I don't think Madison will do that again. I have never seen such concern from a 4 year old for her little brothers well fair, although I'm sure there will be more brother sister shenanigan's for many more years yet.

Christmas is now officially over in our house after all our decorations have been taken down, dispite the protesting and moaning from madison that the house now looks boring without them!  gotta love how they are so straight to the point. We have welcomed in a new school term this week, dispite being blown about and drenched during this weeks wonderful weather. ( Joys of the school run!!) . It was so lovely to see everyone after the christmas break all the children recharged and full of energy, and all the parents needing about a month to recover from all the festive fun.

The one thing I have been neglecting since becoming a mummy is my pasion for craft and discoveing new hidden talents and as a starting point for christmas I was brought Kirstie Allsopes Craft. well that has kick started my craft mojo along with the benifit to save money, especially in todays economic climate. After seeing a couple of bandana bibs in a shop which I fell in love with instantly for Jasper, shame the same could not have been said for the price !!! So after some research on how to make these lovely bibs i decided to give it ago and well I was quite surprised with my end result.

So here is to more Bandana bib making!!!

Have a lovely weekend


Crazy Dazy Mum